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How to stay safe & Give back during Covid -19

Covid- 19 has affected all of our lives, the lives of your loved ones and people everywhere. I am praying for us as a global community to lift each other up, and navigate our circumstances with mindfulness, compassion and empathy. Staying inside and self isolating is so important to prevent the spread of virus. Proper and constant hygiene has never been more crucial in terms of protecting ourselves and others. Through the roller coaster of emotions and feeling fearful, we have to access our deepest strengths and all stick together to stop the spread.

I know it’s hard to stay productive, but we can find accomplishments through acts of kindness and helping those in need. Some things i have been trying to incorporate are : store runs for more vulnerable family members , reaching out to loved ones to offer support , offering a donation to a food bank , supporting local businesses and just trying to give back I can . I have listed some great organizations and charities below for both those who want to give back and those in need . Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you would be surprised how many people are willing and would be more than happy to help especially during times like this.

I really hope everyone is actively staying diligent with hand washing and staying home! I know we can do this together while loving and helping each others from a far. I am sending so much love and support to all of you and holding space for hope.

Stay strong and stay home, we will overcome this TOGETHER as one.

I wanted to support and lists some of the organizations and charities that are doing such a beautiful job giving back and contributing positive initiative during these difficult circumstances. If you can help, i would recommend checking one of these out but also, if you NEED help, I am sure one of these will be helpful for you and your family.

I am happy to be donating to some of these charities through some partnership and I am working with but also i am donating to on my own , I feel fortunate to be in a position where I can help others in need . Nothing makes me more than to lend a hand, help and give back.

I would love it if you can please see below few organizations and charities if you need help or maybe conbritute, thank you guys so much.


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