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Actions Over Thoughts !

Firstly, actions over thoughts what does this mean? this means thinking on something which you really want to do but you take a viable actions to achieve that mission of yours. People feel that yes we will do this one day, they create scenarios for that or they may assume what they are thinking is the right direction to get that thing done if you think you are right then you are wrong here because “no one is right” everyone has some flaws in them and this is okay to have, everyone makes us learn something new in life. NO ONE IS PERFECT !! so accept this and try to learn new things from others where you are lacking with; may be this can help you with your goals.

It is good to create or think about what you exactly want from life or to achieve from life but the most important thing is to try that formula at least twice or thrice. No one becomes an artist without trying new techniques or by adding new ideas to it, no one becomes a content creator just by thinking of ideas and feeling not in themselves to post anything on social media.

I feel people should keep one thing in mind, if you really want to achieve something in life you need to work on it, your actions will be counted not your thoughts. People will see you by your actions, they don’t know what is going in your mind, they just know what you show to them. We create our image in front of people just by our actions, by our attitudes not by what we think. No one cares what you are picturing inside your head, unless and until to take an action to portrait it them.

A content creator has too many things going on in their mind about what content should we create, what brands to collaborate with, how to be on track and create trending content. But they think and try to create such content so that audience know what they are trying to deliver, even we sometimes can relate our life with their personal experiences.

REMEMBER KEY TO SUCCESS- Actions Over thoughts !!

Start putting in small efforts and see this will change your life. You may not get good results as you are expecting but know one thing if we really want to achieve we will leave no stone unturned to get on that point


Be consistent with your efforts and see remarkable results. Don’t wait for any good time, we create our time and our priorities ourselves if we want to achieve something in life no one can STOP US .


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